“Brooke is a gifted storyteller. I loved how she told God’s story through the books of the Bible. Her teaching definitely led to some great conversations.”

– Church Leadership, Thousand Pines Women’s Retreat

“Relatable Speaker with authenticity that hit all age groups.”

– Church Leadership, Thousand Pines Women’s Retreat

“I can not even begin to tell you what your encouragement, truth, and rawness of your words have meant to me.”

– Allison P., Choose Joy Conference


“Brooke was amazing in connecting her message to God’s Word. Her key phrases were easy ‘take-aways’ to keep in my memory. Such as “God is good AND … “

– Attendee, Thousand Pines Women’s Retreat 

“Your challenge and empowerment was really encouraging.”

– Jenna B., ROCKHARBOR leadership

“Many speakers can inspire with words but few speak from personal experiences as one who has walked, literally, through the shadow of the valley.” 

– Brent T., USM Veteran, Motivational Speaker

“Brooke has such a natural gift at storytelling, while being serious yet oh so funny. She has beautiful insight to the Word of God. She really got me thinking in a way I had not ever experienced.”

– Attendee, Thousand Pines Women’s Retreat

Audio archives:

SALTWORKSOC, Mother’s Day 2019

ROCKHARBOR Orange “Questions Series: Suffering“:

Hume Lake audio archives, including “Sad is Not Bad” and “If not, He is still good” available here.



If you have an upcoming event you’d like to discuss, please email your request to brooke@brookemardell.com.

2 thoughts on “SPEAKING

  1. Brooke, I just wanted to let you know that you were phenomenal last weekend at the retreat. Thank you for being vulnerable and teaching me it is ok to be broken before God and Christ. God Bless you and your husband in his recovery.

    1. Thank you Jennifer! Absolutely loved sharing the weekend with you all. And thank you for ongoing prayers of recovery – we are living the YES to each one!

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