You are beloved. You are ENOUGH.

In a world with so many competing voices, it’s more important than ever that hearts hear this early and often. This story will remind hearts young and old that we are enough without any of love’s trinkets. Because love itself is already ours. Priceless love. Without cost. And timeless beauty. Without expiration.

This is the first illustrated storybook of the Big Truths for Little Hearts series – and it’s no mistake that it starts with the core, the heart of everything, reminding us that love and beauty don’t start with us: they are gifts we receive and share.

A great gift for any occasion and any age, and a special stand-out for baby showers, birthdays, and graduations (of all varieties).


Spanish and French editions coming soon!

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This six-week Bible Study  invites us to see what grief washes away:

we are deeply loved, by a wild Belover.


Sad is not bad. But us grief virgins often struggle with feeling like sad IS bad, which makes us try to hide all the feels (especially at Church). But imagine if sad was safe (especially at Church). Don’t paralyze your feelings. Instead, feel all the damn feels, and discover that loss doesn’t have the last word. I believe we must face the ungood to find the good. And when we do, I promise we’ll find Life from Loss.




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14 thoughts on “books

    1. Thanks, Candace. Loss is never the subject I expected/wanted to write about, yet it’s once of the few things we all share in common, and so we get to find Life from Loss together. Be well, dear heart!

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  2. Hi Brooke,

    I heard you speak at the Hume Lake Women’s retreat in 2015 and was blessed by your story. You shared a worksheet titled “A Psalm Project” and I would like another one as it has been so helpful in studying the Psalms. Is it somewhere on your website or could you email me a copy?

    Thanks so much and Happy New year! May God continue to use you to bless others with your gifts and talents in 2017 and beyond!


  3. Where can we find the series Big Truths for Little Hearts?

    We love A Girl and Her Heart and would like to read our daughter more books like it.

    1. The series was delayed as my husband had his heart attack that same year and recalibrating has taken me longer than I thought! But thank you for the encouragement to pick it all back up again!

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