365 Because of 1


ONE YEAR, people. One year of this miracle is upon us.

Jason’s heart attack was February 19, 2016, and we decided the best way to celebrate was to go back to the place where we all gathered those fateful days. This time, to say THANK YOU. And also, this time Jason will be AWAKE.

So we’ll be gathering on the lower courtyard between the two towers of PIH Hospital on Sunday, February 19, at 2pm, where so many meals and prayers were shared that week, to share again. First with each other via hugs and stories and food (potluck style). And then with the hospital as we put together a love gift for our amazing nurses.

If you’re local, it’s open invitation. An RSVP here would be great, but not required. Please bring these things:
– food to share (potluck style)
– your stories/memories
– your praises
– $ to go towards nurses’ thank-you gift (suggested donation: $10)

Another way to say THANK YOU, especially for those that are not local, is to donate to the Hospital directly – PIH is a non-profit hospital, which still blows my mind. We asked them to set up a donation page dedicated to the Critical Care Unit and would be honored if you’d consider giving. 

Because what they do every day is why we’re coming up on 365 extra days.


2 thoughts on “365 Because of 1

  1. Hi Brooke. I commented before because are stories are so similar. My husband was healthy when we went to emergency in Dec. of 2015 and we left in January of 2016 with a heart transplant. In January we celebrated 1year by having dinner with extended family in the hospital cafeteria 🙂 Our primary cardiologist even came by and spent about an hour with us talking over our story. God is good!!!

    1. Amazing! On Friday I’m celebrating LIFE with our amazing ICU Nurse, who has become (and will remain) such a treasured friend.

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