His name is Hank.


There’s a new threat in town. His name is Hank. We don’t know much about him yet, except that he’s most unwelcome and potentially the culprit behind Jason’s mysterious clotting. Maybe even behind the heart attack itself.

Hank is a mass snuggled up against Jason’s kidney and abdomen. He was discovered yesterday when, on a loooooooong shot, one of our amazing ‘ologists ordered CT scans to rule out a rare syndrome where tumors can be associated with clotting. He didn’t expect the scans to find anything. They did. They found Hank.


Hank is between the size of a golf ball and a baseball. He is not jagged, but appears to have a rim, and hard to say yet whether he is solid or liquid. So the next step is an MRI, and then a meeting with an Oncological Surgeon. Yep, all those words strike fear to my heart, even though at the moment we are in the limbo land of “maybe it’s this, maybe it’s that”, and at least some of the maybes are not dire. But some are. And sympathy is a terrifying thing to see on a Doctor’s face.

And miracles are allowed to be scared.

So we want to ring the bell without sounding the alarm. Because fear is not the boss of us. We’ve seen the power of prayer and know the greatest Physician of all, the ultimate Head of Household who can evict Hank with a single vote (that one’s for you, Jared!). I’d love it if we showed up next week and they couldn’t even find Hank.

In the meantime, we are amen-ing the heck out of the long road.

Med Bracelet


Also, someone stole Jason’s computer. So there’s that. And without further proof, I’m blaming Hank.


8 thoughts on “His name is Hank.

  1. I am on the verge of tears reading this as I can’t even believe you are going through this after all you’ve been through! I will be praying for you both and that He gives you peace as you go through this!

    1. Thank you friend! We are a little bit stunned. And of course still much unknown. Crazy thankful to walk it with the faithful!

  2. This sucks, it just does. But we will continue to pray for more miraculous healing for Jason and we will share with our church community and family who were on their knees for you both earlier this year. Thank you for sharing so we can battle with you and support you in prayer. Hugs to you.

  3. Stupid Hank. While your experiences may be nightmarish at times, thank you for your obvious “open handed” attitude to enduring surfing for Christ as well as for sharing those experiences with us. You remain a constant source of encouragement to me and so many others. Thank you for your beautiful words and beautiful lives. I continue praying for you two.

    1. Ah thank you friend! And tomorrow morning I’m speaking on suffering , all too timely

  4. How did I just now read this?? But I got to on the brink of Hank’s non-malignancy, which is so the best. I am beyond proud of you. And I am (almost equally) beyond in love with the line, “And miracles are allowed to be scared.” I plan on using it often. And quoting you every time. Big hugs.

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