We are living a miracle: TeamJasonMiller LIVE!


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Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples.

– Psalm 96:3 –

And when appropriate, do it in jig form.

Also, it’s probably always appropriate.

And without further ado, for all who have asked about the video from Easter Sunday, here’s my guy in his own words standing on his own two feet and (appropriately) avoiding the jig:


4 thoughts on “We are living a miracle: TeamJasonMiller LIVE!

  1. Hello Millers!

    First I want to say, all glory to God for the way He is already using this. Thank you for being His vessels and willing to give Him the glory.

    My husband, Tony, is the EMT on Biola’s campus, and responded to the call for Jason that evening. We received a link to your blog through a woman in my Bible study whose son, I believe, goes to your church. Tony and I are praising the Lord that we are now able to follow your story; Tony especially since he doesn’t get to follow up with patients!

    Thankful in Christ,
    Tony and Cassie Verdecia

    1. Oh my goodness we want to meet you guys!!!! Because wow, umm WOW I will never be able to put into words how precious each responder is to me. We are living the answer to every prayer, and to every second of training that your husband and others put in. Start with a giant thank you to your Tony, and tell him a steak dinner is on the calendar with his name on it … umm, I mean a heart-healthy-low-sodium-chicken dinner ;). But truly, email me at brooke@brookemardell.com if there’s a chance to connect further with you guys and his team. xoxo, B

  2. Well done Brook and Jason! And so quickly after the miracle are able to articulate in a meaningful way. Praise God. We rejoice with you both for the miracle God has done. Trained professionals do their best to figure things out; but in the end is not in their hands. God’s comfort and reassurance was what sustained us (prayers were felt). Knew which ever way God chose to go, He was “in it”. Thankfully God chose to allow both Jason and Dave stay with us! Hugs to you.

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