We are living a miracle: home


Home. We’re home! WE are home.

I’ve realized things in a hospital move super slow, like the evolution of your fashion standards into something like this:
  (You’re welcome)

or super fast, like being admitted or, as it turns out, discharged. Which is, by the way, equal parts wonderful and terrifying because you do get a bit used to nurses and doctors and life-saving equipment being a call button away. Still, after a few shared tears as we face our new and unknown normal, it was all smiles from there:



 Gods hand has been in
countless details. More on those later. But one of tonight’s was that our song, Out of the Woods, came on as soon as I turned on our car. For reals though. It’s the song Jason says is how he felt while pursuing my heart all those years ago. It will hold even more meaning to me now.
And we came home to the most beautiful displays of love for us – more to come on all our friends have taught us about love. I mean wow. Our home was filled with flowers, our fridge and pantry stocked with heart healthy foods, our laundry done, our sinks and floors cleaner than I can keep them, and our chalk wall declaring Jason’s LIFE verse. 

As we settle into our new normal, beginning with a few DAYS of sleep, we will be telling ourselves of the great things God has done as we read messages and cards and our own hearts.

“Give thanks to the LORD and proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done.”‭‭ Psalms‬ ‭105:1‬ ‭

Because the world was a part of the great things He’s done – we got messages from around the U.S., Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Australia – as people stood in prayer, stormed the gates, and rejoiced over Jason in singing – I’d love your help in capturing some of those stories and moments before they’re lost. If you have a picture or video or story of prayer and praise over this man of mine or how God met you as WE ALL are living this miracle, will you get it to me? And please to be sure to include your location.

Here’s a few ways:

1) use the hashtag #teamjasonmiller and #wearelivingamiracle on Facebook or Instagram 

2) comment here

3) email me at brooke@brookemardell.com

Because living a miracle isn’t something you do alone.


10 thoughts on “We are living a miracle: home

  1. Much love to you both! Continuing in prayer for the healing and journey ahead.


  2. Amazing! So glad you both went home and felt taken care of…still praying for his recovery!

  3. Brooke, there have been people in Chile praying for you and Jason, too! (I’m the wife of Kevin, one of Jason’s professors at Talbot–Jason is Kevin’s research assistant). I don’t know Jason personally, but when we got the news of his heart attack, my heart was deeply moved, and I put out the emergency request for prayer to all my Facebook friends from around the world. When I didn’t post updates quickly enough, people would ask how he was doing. So you can be SURE that you are still being upheld in prayer, with much love, and with much praise to God for the miracles He has been doing in your lives! You have a huge cheering section praying for you, and an even bigger God continuing to do His work in your lives! How exciting to have the privilege to be part of the process in prayer! 😀

  4. Jason was my one of the four guys in charge of my youth group at Apple Vally Christian with Bill, Tim, and Jeff. I live in Apple Valley, Ca and those 4 guys listed above changed my life. Tim and I even went and visited Bill and Jason at college once or twice. I still talk to Tim some how our lives keep intertwining and I see Bill and Kim once in a while with Tim. I also hear from Tim about you and Jason. I never realized how much these guys impacted my life. I cried when I heard the news and prayed tell I stopped crying and then prayed somemore. As a nurse and I know your story to well from the other side of things and see the families in depair as well as the staffs well fighting for the patient’s life. I have and will continue to pray for you both in the rest of your journeys together. God bless you both.

  5. I don’t know either of you but recognised Jason’s picture and remember seeing him at Northpoint. We have been there since 1995. As I am experiencing God’s amazing Grace with my own health journey of being recently diagnosed with breast cancer, (pre-op tomorrow, surgery next week), it has been incredible to see how God has moved through the two of you. Reading your posts and Jill’s updates have been a constant reminder of God being omnipresent and what only He can do. Your faithfulness is inspiring! I will be containing my prayers for you both and you journey forward. Thank you for sharing with so many! God Bless you both!

  6. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
    Praise Him all creatures here below!
    Praise Him above ye heavenly hosts!
    Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!

    I praise God for His mercy and grace to you, (and for sparing my research assistant). Rest and renew, and may God give you grace and patience in the healing process. – Kevin

  7. Brooke, you generously gave your time to speak at Discovery Church in Simi Valley for our Go Near orphan conference several years ago. We live in Las Vegas now, but I’ve always been so thankful knowing we have someone like you speaking on behalf of not only the orphans of the world but adoptive families too. I’ve followed you on FB since and when I saw the posts about what happened I was in disbelief and grieved for you and immediately prayed for you both and continued to daily. Every day, all day I would check your updates to see how Jason was progressing. I am so thankful Jason is home with you. I look forward to seeing how God continues to use both of you in mighty ways.

  8. I found out about Jason thru your dear friends Jill and Jason Fizzard who currently live in Vietnam. I joined them in prayer as they cried out to the lord. As I prayed not knowing Jason but was in awe of his story unfolding daily and as I followed all I can think daily was wow!! I’m witnessing a true miracle from God my prayers will continually be for all of you . Love and prayers Bridgette Jones

  9. God continues to blow me away by his unbelievable miracles! I have been keeping up to date on all your posts, which have deeply blessed me, so thank you!
    Jason was my professor for counseling methods, and in that short time, he impacted my life immensely. If he touched my life so profoundly in only 3 weeks, I can’t even imagine the immeasurable things God wants to do through Jason’s life. He is a vital asset to God’s kingdom… No wonder the enemy wanted more than anything to take him out. Being a witness to this miracle has shaped the course of my life, and I will never be the same. I was able to go to the hospital on Saturday night with a couple other girls, and As soon as prayer and worship filled the room, the atmosphere changed. I was so honored to be able to enter into that sacred place with you and your family. And Going with our whole class to the hospital that next Thursday was such a transformational experience. Jason’s mom and dad spoke such truth into our lives, and we all walked away with greater faith! Prayers are continuing as You both adjust back to life at home.

  10. You two are sweethearts! Glad he has made it through with flying colors. He is young and strong. As Dave and I have also recently been through “the fire”, we know the difference prayer made during the crisis. What a beautiful gift of help friends blessed you with, in your home. Love the art work. Nice looking kitchen too. God continue to bless and keep you.

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