Oh Nepal, you are small but fierce


This world is so big. And yet so small. Here I sit en route between California and Tennessee, but my heart is travelling between Nepal and Baltimore as quakes of the earth and civility rock worlds. I don’t have a lot of words for Nepal right now. I mean, what is there to say when you look at the news images? Buildings that once stood proud now reduced to rubble. Life stolen away from thousands. Temples that have stood for years now but dust. The rift in the main road representing the chasm they now have to cross.

I have big memories of this small place. So I’m turning back to those images, those memories – the Kathmandu we got to meet eight years ago. We walked your streets … IMG_5899breathed (sometimes chewed) your air, and even snuck a few peeks at Mt. Everest … IMG_5818and best of all got to look into the eyes of your best attribute: a beautiful, vibrant people and heritage.

IMG_5962IMG_5940Copy of IMG_2131IMG_2342

Oh Nepal, you are small but fierce. Fiercely strong. Fiercely beautiful.

May you … … grow strong in the midst of broken places.


… never lose your sense of creativity.

Copy of IMG_5608

… or serenity. IMG_5578 … have a reason to smile again IMG_5617 … never forget what is now missing – nor what remains.