All a-flutter



There are a few phrases that set my heart a-flutter. Yes, all the romantic ones that are just mine and his to share.  And also this one: “press 2 for English.”

With those four little words, I remember I’m not the only one here. I remember that there are other faces and places and languages surrounding me. I remember that our world is big enough that I’ll never see it all but small enough that I can spend my life trying to.

When I’m about to get on a plane to a far-away place, the butterflies in my stomach remind me that so much could go wrong. But also that so much could go right.

And this is why travel is my first language: the way I travel is the way I want live. So much could go wrong, but oh so much could go (and has gone) right! That’s what I’m celebrating today as I press two for English: all that’s gone right.